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Welcome to mysite!

Thanks for visiting. This site will have some basic, beginner friendly Python specific tutorials. The style of the tutorials will be interesting and hope you enjoy the tone. Think of this site as your one-stop shop of collections of Cheat sheets for Python and other Opensource tools I use and convincing you to use them as well. Truth be told, I'm building this website to keep my notes I have in my dozens of Jupyter notebooks on my 5+ year Macbook on the internet where we all know it'll be safe! You'll also find these posts on my Though chances are you were redirected from that page to here. Welcome! Otherwise check out my page if you like their aesthetique. I do.

What you'll find

I'll be sharing some of my favorite Python packages and quick tutorials on how to use them. My personal quick start tutorials for these packages. They won't be deep dives but more kiddy pool dept tutorials. I'll link to other guides or sections in the package's documentation that will go deeper to show what else it can do. Basically, my posts will be a quickstart and I'll give you the cliff notes in the documentation so you won't be starting at square one.


The format of the posts are going to be very TLDR(To long, didn't read) style. I'll post the main code, formulas and syntax at the top with a quick summary. Below that I'll go over the topic(s) you'll learn and the takeaways. I'll then point to further reading on the subject. My posts will be formatted like a Real Python tutorial. Just 95% shorter. Chances are I'll link to a related Real Python tutorial if you want to go deeper. Also, I'll be honest. This site is just practice in writing tutorials so I can have samples to show Real Python that I can write Python articles and to give me a job 😏...

About that hiring

If you're an employee of Real Python and like what you've read,throw me a bone or project 😁. If in need of a weird but funny Python dev, look no further. I'm your dude. View my repos to see if our talents align. Email me at and I'll get back to you soon. Title the email "Python Job". I have a filter set to that so I can respond to them timely.

If you would like to hire or invite me as a speaker, email me or get in touch with me through socials. Just start the email or messages with "Speaker Oppertunity". Would love to give a talk. Would like to get my speaking chops going. Especially on any of the articles you find on my site.


Below are people who support and sponsor me. This site is up and running because of them. I'm linking their repos. Go follow them, check out their stuff and give them a star!